I Wish I Wish I Wish I Wish

So we're in a moment. A milllion miles apart but closer than ever before. Im completely wrapped up in my duvet and him, a feeling of complete and utter peace fills me and warms me. KNowing he feels the same makes this even more special.

Then it happens.

He keeps sending me messages, the same beautiful words that fill my soul.

Then he stops. Not knowing that for the last twenty minutes I've been trying to respond.

And the final straw.

The phone stops. Frozen. No longer flashing as his words shine to me from the screen.

"Baby, you ok?"

I scream in my mind that Im fine, that everything is almost perfect apart from our conversation not being together....I scramble for the light. I blink as the dull light fills my room. I move from my comfortable position and find something to pop out my battery. After a little scramble, it's out and my phone does that egg timer thing as it slowly comes back to life.

In the haste of not wanting to miss him before he sleeps, I get my password wrong a million times, before breathing and realising that Im not hepling matters. I go to my messenger app, it's already turned itself off......and it won't log back on................

I hate it. I cry a little each time it does this to me. I hate not saying goodnight. I hate just leaving and it's pure torture when I can see his words coming through, but mine never get sent.

Come home soon, so I can finally bin my phone
MrsLalaninjacakes MrsLalaninjacakes
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

I'll be there soon, and you can fall asleep on me proper-like... ^_^

No, he's not, just my service provider is rubbish where I live and my berry is moulding :(