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Welcome Home. Christmas On Ep.

Christmas morning starts where it ended. Ediez, Lilcuppa, c0w in a drunken stupor in the front room. The Christmas Tree is at a dangerous angle, it'll take one slight gust of wind from the open window and we'll lose JB under the tree. While the four of them sleep, Mewold quietly makes his way down the stairs to deliver the presents. Fortunately they're sleeping, so it doesn't matter than he's completely naked and holding a bulging sack.

While the rest of EP sleeps soundly, Arorin is the first to awake. He roars a yawn and pats his fluffy mane. A big smile covers his lips as he remembers it's Christmas morning. :D He pinches awake Floydess, who's sleeping quietly in the corner. Without even opening an eye, she grabs his finger and gives him the ninja finger death bend.
"It's Christmas!" He whispers through gritted teeth.
She squeals with excitement and hurries out of bed.

The two of them creep out of their room, Arorin's feet padding heavily next to Floydess' soft tip-toed footsteps. They creep past the first room where MTVLM and Pixelita are slowly unwrapping each other for Christmas. Arorin shudders as he hears a giggle. Floydess giggles to herself. They head towards the stairs.

Downstairs Ediez is slowly waking up. Lilcuppa has her hand firmly gripping her boob while c0w and JB are now embracing each other. A lone bottle of JD rolls quietly across the floor. Ediez spots the presents and tries to free herself from Lilcuppa's grip. Slowly, and carefully, she manages to wriggle free.
"Ssshhhhhhhh...." Arorin whispers in his loud whisper.
Lilcuppa calls our in her sleep and scares them all... "....tater-tots...."
 The three of them tiptoe their way to the tree. Ediez holds onto Arorin for support.
While the three start to search through Mewold's sack, at the back of the house in the kitchen, Lala whips up frosting for DU's breakfast cupcakes. Thinking no one else is awake, and that she could get away with it, Lala walks out of the kitchen holding the bowl of frosting, whisk and wearing nothing but 5inch heels and an apron to the unsuspecting trio.

Arorin screams first. But he claims it was because Ediez had trod on his foot.

The bowl of frosting drops in a big cupcake frosting explosion. Some lands on Lala. Some lands on Ediez. Some lands on Floydess. Arorin manages to get to wear most of it though.

As they stand their laughing (not Arorin) and trying to style out the frosting hair gel (Arorin) the rest of EP slowly wakes up....
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Oh, Lala! I still love this so much! After so long.... It's so adorable. And accurate. ^^ *giggle-giggle* Thank you again for this story. =) I hope you're well! <3

Haha<br />
<br />
Lala sneaks Marji the cupcakes

Haha yes!

You should have used me instead of a whisk. I make good frosting.

Sounds like my kind of party!

don't mind if I do. *pops tater-tot in the air and catches in mouth*

Thank you :)<br />
<br />
Have a tater-tot

*walks in and sits down on the couch, laughing at all the chaos* Well Done!

Aw glad I made you smile:)

It would be so Arorin to pinch me! =O<br />
<br />
Miki, I am laughing and grinning at his and I'm meant to be asleep. =P Lol, oh, I must learn to ninjarise my laughter. =P<br />
<br />
This is so cute and sweet and funny! I really do love Planet Lala. =) Thank you for including me - I would never have thought my name would come up in here. =]



*peeks in*<br />
can Charlie come to the party?

I heard a bunch of growling and roaring! <br />
<br />
*looks around at the mess, and slowly backs away...*<br />
<br />
Sorry, carry on...

lol. I love the tater tots part.





that should give you enough time to get dressed so no worries! I will be cleaning myself for days!

Chocolate frosting too

Ohhh can I haz chocolate frosting?

and most of it too!!!

hahaha! love it! well done

You sure do!

I get frosting!! woot!

They're the best type!

Frosting-covered nipples. What's not to like? =D

aw you're more than welcome!<br />
<br />
I just need somehow get it going somewhere and finish it

XD Bravo .. I loved this ..thanks for the giggle this morning !

They're pretty cool aren't they?