Oh Poor Me........... Not!!!!!

Sat on, kicked aside, pushed around. Then I have to hold her up while she Skex's and leaves me in such a mess, wet and dripping as I feel her moan out his name pushing me to my limits!!!! I almost cant take the force of her. Such a passionate woman and I enjoy being able to hold her up and be there for her.

Now this is not to say that she doesn't try to take care of me and wash me from time to time or even drape a towel across me to keep me dry which I am thankful for, I just wish that I could give her back the pleasure that she has given me time and again.

Then HE comes over the ******!!!!! Sits down in me with his *** all naked and she coos at him when he sits down there in her place. Damn it to hell I just want to buck his *** out of me!!!! He doesn't deserve to sit in my Queens place, who the **** does he think he is?

I swear if he **** on her while sitting in me I am just going to fall apart!!! Serve him right for landing on his ***, and I hope that he doesn't come back!!!!

I want my Queen to sit in me and feel her firm buttocks and that sweet ***** of hers bushing against my skin as she strokes my arms and relaxes into me, then she gets on the net and starts reading I am not sure what she is reading but I start to feel so hot when she is sitting down on me while she reads.

I so love her and I am always there for her, never want her to be rid of me.

What a lucky chair I am......  Hehehehehehehe........

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2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

LOL!!!!!! Thought you might like that.... Hehehehehehe.....

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a minute there I was absolutely lost! You are too much MT!!!! :-)