Crosdresser Expresses Desires

I am a closet crossdresser,been dressing for years, nobody knows,not even my wife,I can pass as fem when dressed.I  would like to hear from other crossdressers!.When I dress it makes me feel like a totally different person,a gurl,so fem,so much more submissive.Would love to meet someone like my self to have as a playmate to share my interest with! I have been using nipple suction cups for a couple years and developed nice perky,erasor sized nipples and started shaving my chest,developing breasts has become an adiction!Play with my own nipples every chance I get.They now beg to be sucked and nibbled on!Making progress slowly,but surely.

new2biway new2biway
61-65, M
1 Response Mar 15, 2010

good for you. It's a great journey.