To conclude,

  I despise hurting people's feelings, though I do it far too often.
Being serious is something I don't do well, which is why I kid like it's nobawdies gawddamn business.
     I really do care about people.
I'm sarcastic to a fault.
     I think emotions are sticky and not in the yummy way.
I'm comfortable with who I am.
     I think social convention is bullsh|t.
I'm pansexual.
     If I call you weird it's not an insult.
I think everyone is beautiful, however cliche it might sound.
     I don't do drugs, contrary to popular belief.
My sole purpose in life is to be happy.
     I'm vulgar, lewd, obscene, and crude but have my limitations.
I do so love my swear words.
     I'm a hypocrite.
You can ask whatever else, just don't be a fvckin pervert.
     I'm open to milk donations.

Forever trollin,
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7 Responses Jan 21, 2013

What are your limits? o.O

Okay :{D

living to be happy...i try to do that myself,i'm quite close to it

hmm...u don't like perverts but u r vulgar, lewd, obscene, and crude. this is confusing.

thank u for clarifying

Milk? Hmmm.... :) You are a kitten, through n through... :)

You sound friggen awesome
And very similar to someone else i may know


You are inspirational and creative. I like your clever witt and style. Mittons you are the best!

Mittons, everything you wrote in this story is why I love you so much! Never change.