My First Love!!

love! The word which i thought will give meaning to life! all ma teenage wanted badly to fall in love. I was too impatient i rushed myself into a relationship. Things seemed to go awesom for few days then things started to change ma once best friend was afraid to speak freely as i was her boyfriend. I started hating the relationship. I knew it was going to a dead end. She also started to develop liking for another guy but she din wanna leaving me because she thought she will betray me. I then finally broke to her one day that it will not work. She couldnt handle it. It took me another 3 months to convince her that i din brakeup because of she liked another guy. When i finally succeeded she was dating that guy. I dont regret losing her. Because i know it would have ended up hurting both of us badly. We still are the same best friends we used to be. Its been a year since this happened. Never i did want to fall in love again nor i did. Life was pretty awesome until some time. For the last few months i feel very lonely and feel like falling in love again but i not able to find the right gal. Will be waiting for the gal who will sweep me off ma feet. I will wait even if it takes years but this time i not gonna let her go if i find her! Let it happen slowly so that i can enjoy being single cause then on i am not planning to be single again.. :)
Tedshiv Tedshiv
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 1, 2012

awww that was sp sweet and i don't know about first loves i been battling with mine for 3 years and i kissed him again this new year NoT GooD :S LOL

thanku! :) i hope u get back to normal completely very soon! :)