I Live To Puke

I know many of you think im crazy because I love to puke, but i see that there are many who share the same love or curiosity about puking. Yes I live to puke. Ive been puking for years and im not gonna stop. I love to binge eat and then purge myself.. I started doing this so long ago. I used to puke everyday but now i do it about 3 times a week. Its a turn on for me..i get sexually aroused by puking and love watching others puke also. I love associating myself with those that puke also. I really like being around someone who drinks and cant handle their liquor..then i help them and get to watch the puke flow. My mother was one that i watched puke often which is a part of the reason why i became so fasinated with puke. I love eating at the buffets so i can fill myself until im about to pop and then go home and puke it all up. If you share the love of puking or watching id love to hear from you so join the group
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how come you saw your mother puke often and did you clean out her puke bucket for her?

I'm similar, liking for myself to throw up, glad to know someone else who likes to do it themselves, emetophiles usually like others only. An unusual fetish we have. People normally hate throwing up; it's disgusting and uncomfortable. <br />
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I don't make myself throw up. I like when I get nauseated and have to throw up, just the knowledge that I was involved in it. It doesn't happen often, unfortunately. I usually don't have to throw up when I'm nauseated, and that's too bad. That just happened yesterday (Fri., Jan. 25, 2013). Shoveling snow seemed to make me ill. Nauseated for the rest of the day, but no throwing up, sadly.<br />
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It would be nice to at least gag when disgusted or from coughing, but I never do those things, they just don't happen (gagging from disgust, gagging from coughing).

You dont have to feel so weird. I have emetophilia as well. Ive had it for as long as I can remember. Ive always been into girls puking. When I was five I dared my friend to stick her fingers down her throat and throw up and she did it. If I even think a girl is about to puke my heart starts beating in anticipation. Dont know why I feel like this just do. However, I do have limits. I dont want to smell it, taste it, or be puked on. I also dont like puking myself. Im an observer only. Just thought I'd share that so you dont feel so wierd.

Too sexy for words!

Message me your skype info, girl! I do love to watch, but I haven't heard from you yet :(<br />
I'll join this group though lol