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I've been reading a research paper online that some of you might find interesting. I guess it sums up some of my twisted ideas of wife sharing. Some of you may already know about it...I just found it. I had heard of this before and it certainly has had its influence on my attitudes about wife sharing. A lot of it is paper borrowed from Hebrew and Arab customs and delves into Biblical and other texts. I hope you all find something interesting there....

I found this in Google

I guess this practice isn't so
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This article is rather lengthy. .......
took some time read most of it.

Good - I needed additional Biblical based material for my wife. She enjoyed the extramarital sex and then she always has the religious guilt afterward for several months.

The only disclaimer I can add to what's in this is that there isn't a lot of mention as to the aftermath of these relationships.

I plan to look over the articles you have recommended with great enthusiasm. I've read countless articles focusing on this lifestyle, unfortunately there are too many based on issues of morality, and personal opinion. The only things I put my trust in are statistical analysis and established facts. The truth is people who participate in this type of lifestyle are happier and far more stay married.

Wife sharing is not twisted.If all three of you agree on having some sexual fun ,why not

Very interesting reading there, thanks for the link.