Controlling Partner

it started out meeting this person and i was not interested so i declined countless invites to dinner.  I gave in and decided what the heck.  one dinner wont hurt.  it turned into 15 years later...  this person had me believing I was worthless that I would never accomplish anything on my own.  whenever i listened to him my life just sank that much deeper... my family , my friends , everyone thought i was the crazy person...for stating he was controling.   I was always the person in my family that would have most be something.    but that changed the day I gave into him. 

now 15 years later i am the leats successful person. if anyone had benefited form this relationship it was him. he is making 100K a year and i make nothing..because i have to clean the house and keep his life moving forward.. while that makes having a life of my own.  yet he complains i dont work.  i feel like life is passing me by...and it is.  he has a fun time making my friends out to be freaks and not worth knowing to everyone he talks to.  He has everyone believeing that he is the best thing that ever happened in my life...  I went to 18 months to be a medical assistant and when i graduated he convinced me and everyone i didnt want to do that... 3 years ago.    my first impression of this person was ..not interested.  i wish i never gave in.

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thanks.. it definetly helps to here everyone share... I dont know if i am brave enough to do anything yet. but I needed to vent...


I know time has passed but my opinion is not to let your life end like this and stand for yourself I had a girlfriend like that and one day I decided it was enough. It was the hardest to walk away from but the best move I could make now everyone who thought I would go nowhere because of her are like wow now I am going places and happy. The change in life is a gamble but soo worth it if you really want to change it.