the itis

what a life!

you can read more about my disability and how i got it in my story, "RSD and all it's glory."

if you wish to know more about RSD you can find that information at:, or

on top of the RSD and since i was diagnosed with it i've also been diagnosed with bursitis, arthritis (and it's only going to get worse!) as well as the chronic edema which only inflames the itis's and RSD ...

oh yeah and thanks to my list i also have depression as well as PTSD.  evidently depression is also a side affect of severe physical trauma ...  who knew?!?!?!

i've come a long way with it in comparison to where i began.  initially they (the docs) thought i'd end up wheelchair bound with the majority of RSD survivors.  (RSD is not lethal, however, 85-88% end up committing suicide to escape it and of the 15% remaining 70% are bedbound or wheelchair bound.)  it may have taken nearly 2 years to learn all over again and get strong enough too but i am able walk!  HIP HIP HOORAY!  (during the bad times i use a cane or crutches but ... in the good months i'm usually okay on my own unless it's long distances, i.e. shopping and such.)

i spend approximately 8 months of the year in bed, however, i do have 4 decent months.  they may not be 'normal' in comparison to the way i once lived, but they're worth it to me!  waiting for those 4 months and what i'll be able to do is what gets me through the 8 months of h3ll.

RSD, as with most chronic conditions and neurological conditions, causes many other problems within your system.  most recently my thyroid went nuts along with the pituitary gland causing the gall bladder to virtually poison me and nearly erupt.  i ended up in emergency surgery over that.

of course, the medication takes a toll on your system as well.  many times it will cause weight gain, exhaustion, tension, among many other acute symptoms.  but when you realize this is life long, unless of course a miracle happens, you have to be quite weary as taking these medications (or any) for a prolonged time period can cause liver, kidney, etc. problems.  you can read my medication story:  "better living via chemistry?"

i just keep thinking, "it's not as bad as it could be..."  and it's truly not as bad as it could be.


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Thanks for sharing...And I thought I have problems..I better shape up and enjoy the life I have!

thank you, ladies!

YOU ARE A VERY STRONG WOMAN! Your courage and strength is an example we could all use in our lives! Thanx for sharing!