My Friend Has Asbergers and Its Hard to Deal With

I've known my best friend for about 14 months now and love him dearly.  I always found it hard to get through to him and have recently discovered that he was diagnosed with Asbergers Syndrome about 5 years back.  He's 42 and I'm 46.  Initially we were headed into a romance but that never eventuated past spending alot of time together and him always talking about his past and never showing any real interest in my life or feelings which hurt me deeply.  I persisted with our friendship as I knew he had a beautiful heart but always in the back of my mind I was confused as to why he made everything about himself.  He was and is still a contradiction.  I cant walk away from this very troubled soul - I love him so much, but even now that I know why he is like he is I find it intensely difficult to understand why he has no emotional or facial expression and why if asked anything will only commit to an answer of "I dunno!"  I'm so in love but so frustrated at the same time - can anyone help me accept and understand this beautiful but hard to explain man?  I live in hope ... Carol

CarolM62 CarolM62
Feb 23, 2009