I Love Big Daddy, But.........

I can't take it.  The man refuses to throw anything away! I have tried to sneak stuff in the trash, he will actually dig through the trash to bring it back in the house and then rant and rave about how I don't respect him or his things.
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Be careful. I have literally thrown away whole housefuls of stuff when my man was in the hospital at various times. It seems that when you do that, It all comes back with a vengeance. I hope you find a method that will work. Please let your readers know if you do. I am sure there are many of us who have not found a way to deal with it. Good luck!

We have to sneak it out, love. Or find a way to barter with them.

throw him away !

Break it bad if you really want it gone.

Ugh, I hear you about the in-house dumpster diving. My mother has done that before too, but with stuff that's MINE. I threw away make-up once that was old and crusty and that I never wore anyway, and she dug it out of the bottom of the trash and said she'd use it. It's been in the bathroom for about five years now, and nobody has used it. Big shock.<br />
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With hoarders, I think you have to sneak stuff out one or two things at a time. If possible, throw stuff away in public trash receptacles.