I Am So Unhappy

My mother is supposed to be living with me and helping me financially ..but she is a hoarder who wont admit it. I realized the problem when I wanted to throw away a bag of shoes with no mates. She almost hit me when I wanted to throw the bag away. She already took up every space in my room. I thouggt with my disability she would care but she said if I throw anything away she would move and take her help. She is a compulsive shopper who wont clean anything but the kitchen and bathroom. I also have four kids who are now so tired of trying they are also becoming lazy. Trying to clean is so overwhelming everyone quits when they start plus my mom overbearing and cruel ways are ruining my Life. I have NO social life. I lost the one person I had because I didn't want to let him in. He wouldn't let me explain and thought I was brushing him off.
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

I am in the same situation. My mum moved in after her 2nd divorce bcoz she had nowhere else to go. I rely on her to mind my 2 kids while I work nights and she won't mind them if I don't let her hoard. She made my life a living nightmare as a teenager and now I'm 30 I feel like it's happening all over again. So far all her useless crap is in the carport I.e. old broken cupboards, and old manky mattress etc and other useless crap that belongs in the tip. I have fought with her to the point of being in uncontrollable tears. It's a nightmare. All these filthy hoarders care about Is themselves. There is an arrogance about them and they don't think they are doing anything wrong. If you dare say that they have a problem then u are the worst person in the world. It's hard to know what to do.... Lose your mother and have no babysitter and can't work weekends for the good money and be broke or keep her, live a nightmare and have money? What do u do? It's like there is no way out!