My Stbx Hoards - Any Advice?

I live with a hoarder. YOu can read more of my stories on "ILIASM" here on EP, to get the background to what's going on.

Basically two kids, he's on disability, I lost my job 2 years ago and am a student.

We separated this summer, but he still lives in the basement. And hoards.

He definitely has organizational disabilities, which is not helping.

After a dozen years together, I gave him an ultimatum a few weeks ago: clear the basement by Feb 1, not for me this time, but for the kids, because we have to sell/rent the house, and we will not get good money for it with his junk down here. And that's money taken directly from our kids.

This got a better response, but it's still so painful. Instead of actually cleaning anything, he's buying storage bins and boxes. He still refuses to let me get help down there, even people he knows and trusts.

Does anyone have any advice? I live in Canada, are there any resources in my area?
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1 Response Dec 20, 2012

It is a form of OCD. There are drugs that can help. My uncle was a hoarder. Office supplies. A basement full of them. We would go to his house as kids and, NO, we could not ask him for paper and pencils to draw with, but my aunt would give them to us. When I was older, she would secretly give me supplies for school. The Dr had prescribed drugs to help, but he did not want to take them.