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New here and looking for some support.
My wife of 33 years has turned to Thrif Store shopping for entertainment and to fill some missing need in her life I can't fullfill.
The kids have moved out and with in several months of them leaving, they can't come back because there mother has filled their rooms with collected junk.
I love my wife, but can no longer live in that house. Last year I put an addition on my shop. It is a 200 sq. ft. addition with all the creature comforts of home. All I need now is a bed and I will never have to go back into that clutter again.
She thinks I stay away because I don't love her anymore. I love her, but can't live in piles of crap. I just find it to stressful.
My office is very nicely decorated. I have pictures of my grandkids all around. I have a big screen TV and surround sound system. 3 computers and satilite TV. Just need a bed.
It's sad to say, but I wish the house would burn to the ground. Then we have a chance of a new start on life, or maybe just a new start on aquiring junk.

Smurfys5 Smurfys5 56-60, M 3 Responses Jan 2, 2013

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I know the feeling. How's your little refuge working out?

I am so sorry you are going through this. Thank you for your support on my story as well. I hope you can find some way to reach your wife. I have laid out my feelings to my hoarder. I hope it has helped but only time will tell. Please keep us updated.

You could try to get your wife to talk to a counselor. Hoarding is an actual mental disorder. Or you could hire a professional organizer if you think she'd agree to it. Good luck!

Thanks for the help, but been there done that. I know it is a mental disorder but you will never convince her of that. I have talked to professional organizers and they said they can't help if she is not willing to do anything.
Thanks Again!