Sensible Hoarding - Positive Thinking In A World Full Of Stuff

We all know at least one of them, those who covet the ‘stuff’. Hoarding is a concept popularized by reality TV and is widely criticized and ridiculed. I’m not a hoarder myself, but I have first hand experience living with one. There are days when I wade through endless piles of meaningless items wondering, “what the ****!” But there are other times when having a nearby hoarder makes perfect sense. I have my own personal go-to stash for nearly any item I might need!

The benefits of Hoarding:

Recycling: The sensible hoarder is masterful at the recycling arts. Don’t throw away what you might possibly maybe use someday (or that might be valuable to someone you know). How many times have you lost something essential like a cell phone cord and had to pay way too much to get it replaced? Maybe you couldn’t afford it for a while or didn’t have time to go to the store? Cell phones don’t charge themselves. Contact your friendly neighborhood hoarder just to see if they have an extra.

Emotional bonds: Humans naturally become emotionally attached to their favorite possessions. The well balanced and stable hoarder knows where to draw the line and where their priorities lie. Just imagine yourself hanging up after an emotional phone call, only to find a collection of bean-bag animals with cute bashful eyes staring up at you. How can you really be sad now? The more options you have to comfort yourself in times of emotional need, the more likely you will succeed. Thus, hoarding can lead to greater emotional stability and happiness.

You never know!: The thing is, you never really know for sure what is going to happen next in life. One day you could be taken by surprise as a friend needs you to take care of their dog while they are hospitalized. The hoarder is thankful that they stashed away those chew toys. A sensible hoarder will keep a mental inventory of all the things in his or her house. The intuitive hoarder knows exactly when and where these items are needed most.

You can make money: Everyone is always looking for a deal when they want new stuff, and most people are willing to buy quality products used off a friend or an online list site. The savvy hoarder holds onto the right items for the right buyer. If they ever need money, bam! Time to part with that stack of stereos collecting dust. Hoarders can be distributors, of a different sort.

Beautify your home: Most effective hoarders can manage to keep the vastness of their hoard confined to certain areas. If the living room is kept free of stacks of stuff, ‘choice’ items can be put on display. Hoarders like to share their love for items with the people in their life. That wooden owl carving is a great conversation piece!

Life is a puzzle: Existence among a diverse array of goods can be challenging but rewarding, sortof like a game of tetris. Champion hoarders know how to pack as much stuff as possible into a tiny nook. This will take time, energy, and problem solving skills. It is a priceless skill, that is transferable in many ways.

Apocalypse ready: Who wants to be near a hoarder during an apocalypse– I sure do! All that stuff that you never thought you were going to need all of a sudden has a wide variety of uses. Hoarders will construct the fiercest barracades to keep the zombies away. They will have plenty to barter for much needed supplies, and plenty of ways to pass the time while the world is in technology withdrawal.

Ideas: Most of us get bored once and a while. In a hoarders home, you don’t need to look far for inspiration. Want to take up basketball, he’s got 4 of them. You could even invent a new game. If nothing else you can engage in a mission of discovery, uncovering secrets of the universe as you make your way through a daunting pile of possessions. Hoarders truly have a gift for knowing how to pass the time.

Learn new things: The possibilities are endless, when there are possessions everywhere. Ever wonder how a clock works? Just take it a part and have a looksee then. The other 12 clocks that can manage the job of telling time quite nicely.

Invent new things: This is what truly separates the ordinary hoaders from the inspired ones. The hoarder I know holds onto items I would classify under the ‘thingy’ category for as long as necessary for inspiration to come along. Create something useful like a revolutionary new shelving style or create some pure art. Every artist should keep a hoarder handy in case they want to invent a new form of art. The world will be better for it.

If you are a hoarder or thinking of becoming one, please heed my warning: Addiction to stuff is the path of destruction. Moderate your acquisitions and manage your stash. Organization will require constant attention and will be rewarding beyond measure.

Free your mind from the stereotypes and stigmas around hoarding, its not all that bad after all. Its an eccentric hobby with limitless potential. Items can make and solidify friendships and pave the way to a better future. Keep only one hoarder per home, and use your skills to help your world. Don’t ever get too much stuff, and know when to let go.
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