This Is My Bedroom

Some of the worst areas of the house are the ones where people don't visit, mainly our bedroom and the garage.

This is a shot of our bedroom from about 18 months ago:

My problem here is that it is not possible to easily reach parts of the room, because the pathway is blocked with stuff.

It is also difficult for me to vacuum, because I have to pick all the things up off the floor, and then put them down in the same spot.

It's not possible to put these things away, because every bookcase and closet is already full with my wife's clothing and books.  Her closet is already "double hung" and the large dresser is packed with clothes.  The entire space under the bed is full.  Things actually got worse after this was taken, because she had a bunch of clothes stored in the kid's rooms, and they finally said they wanted the space.  

I moved all of my books and stuff into the garage after that, so she could have my bookcase, and that helped for a few weeks, and then more stuff came in.

The thing I don't understand is she keeps doing more clothes shopping, and bringing more books into the house.  

I can't look at this room and say, "Hey - the thing this family really needs, is a big pile of books and more clothing."

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2 Responses Jan 29, 2013

I'm not laughing at you, but your last sentence made me smile, because it's exactly how I feel. It's just my husband and me, but what this family needs is NOT another motorcycle helmet to complete that set of a dozen, NOT another "must have" gadget or electronic toy, NOT another tent because the four we have "somewhere" are buried under mountains of crap. Other than some groceries, what this family needs right now is ... NOTHING! What we need is half as much as we have!

All I can say is I feel sorry for you. I think for the hoarder the possessions feel like a safe womb. That's my best guess. But for the non-hoarder they feel like something is constantly blocking you. Like your stride. I like to stride across a room. Or your fingers. I hate having to dig through 200 steak and misc knives in a drawer to find one I like. Or just the feeling your shared space is so taken up. Sometimes I just pretend it's not that bad so I can cope with it.