I Don't Know What To Do..

So, just recently I've made a living situation at my moms house where I stay mainly with my boyfriend through the week and weekend, but twice to three times a week I stay at her house.

Long story short, when I was a kid her house was spotless.
I could play in the living room, sprawl out on the floor, and my allergies were in fine working condition.
Well, once my dad left us (a lot of stuff happened. The court and police were involved and the four years she struggled to divorce my father wasn't pretty..) she started making frequent trips to Goodwill. She'd bring home small bags at first..and then it started getting to be more and more. Bigger and bigger bags started appearing.
Overnight, it seemed, she needed to clear out the spare rooms in the house to fit clothing racks. She'd buy doubles of things saying "just in case" and "just for emergencies". It varies to clothes, to crock pots, Tupperware, shelfing units, to kitty litter. She buys anything and everything. And it really got worse once she joined a group that gives away free things, all you have to do is drive and pick it up.

I don't even know how much gas she's wasted doing the trips to get things, and I really am afraid to ask.
Normal children can depends on their parent(s) for things when they're in need, but I can't even ask my mom for five dollars for a cheap pizza because she has to write 'hot checks' to pay for her living.

Now I'm in the process of moving in and when I left her house last night, the living room was packed. She has four cats and I couldn't find any of them, so I'm sure she'll text me in a few hours complaining about the 'mess I've mad', even though all of it is her stuff.

I've been dealing with this for years, and I normally hate reaching out for help, but I don't know what else to do. Thinking about it has me almost in tears.
Every day I worry about her dying in that house. Things falling on her, or me, and killing either one of us. The house burning down because she has atleast over 50 to 100 candles scattered everywhere.

I'm going over Tuesday to clear out the kitchen (she has yellow steaks from two years ago sitting in the freezer. I got rid of some the other day but I have to work slowly or else she'll notice and take them out of the trash) but I'm terrified it won't work and she'll hold it against me like she has before.

What should I do?
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Feb 3, 2013