"It Runs In the Family."

My Momma has a lot of stuff. We have a back room that I have never been able to get in because she has so much crap. Not only her, but also her sister and her mom and many Aunts are just like her. When I was cleaning my room, Mom and I used to fight about what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to give away. She would always tell me stuff like "Your great grandma made that for you when you were 4!" "You are going to wish you kept that later on." Dad and her would fight a lot and now she is up to the point that she doesn't go out and buy useless crap anymore like she used to do. And also she lets me give stuff away now. Ever since I got my room clean, (Like CLEAN!) I'm not as stressed out now. I'm actually enjoying and using all the different things I have in my closet. I play my guitar more, I look at my drawing/art books more. I can find my shoes and I'm not wearing the same pair every time I want to go out and look nice. The best thing is, if I am in need of something that's what Christmas and birthdays are for. 


Another story- I had an Ex-boyfriend that had a mother that I couldn't stand. I could list all the things that annoy me but not here. One of the main things was how much crap she had in their tiny, one bed room apartment. She had crap that was in piles that reached the celling! Old newspapers and TV Guides where on the floor and she made it seem like you walked into your pet hamster's cage! The boyfriend and I were looking for something in the living room and instead I FOUND a two-seater couch! If you have to dig just to find the COUCH? That is bad. 
It doesn't end there.
The mother had to move because the apartments where going to be destroyed for the city's new (Stupid) stadium. I was over joyed when I was asked to help clean and pack. I went into the bathroom with a trash bag looking for trash. I found parts of the wall that fell out. Expired toot paste. Really old unusable female products. I was about to dump the whole bag in the trash but the mother made me give the bag to her so she can go though it because "What you consider trash might not be what I consider trash." HOLY COW, YOU FAT TUB OF LARD! I didn't say that but some days I wish I did. 
I'm so glad I broke up with that guy. 

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I can relate about the couch! My roommate piled his crap on top of everything for 20+ years. It took me about 2 weeks to dig DOWN to find a full sized couch, a table from a restaurant, and a living room chair! I started trying to excavate my belongings from underneath his during xmas break from college (I'm 50, starting my career very late). It has taken me nearly 2 months to get my stuff out where I can relocate it. But to do that, I have to inch everything else over a little at a time and move/drag it all in increments! I finally saw the floor in the back "junk room" this last week! And I have been pretty steady working on the project. By myself of course. The couch belongs to him and all his stuff has gone right back on it, and up the walls. It's as if he cannot bear to see a straight backed chair available for SITTING; it MUST be covered with STUFF. Just crazy.

Have started taking some of my trash down to cash converters to hawk. They will take anything.

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I am nothing like your examples .. but I do live in a library!