Crazy Abbot Form Hong Kong

       This "NUN" from Hong Kong came to our home a few months ago. There was a lot of people over also. My husband was massaging her with other people. This was all very normal! After a while she started rubbing on him and finally humping him like some dog in heat!! In front of everyone even our children!! This woman has her own Buddhism temple in Hong Kong! She's about 50 years old and never had sex. Some years earlier she was in a car accident and only after seeing my husband did the pain go away. He says they were married before and have "unfinished issues" .He writes her all the time and they talk for hours on the phone. At first he just couldn't shut up about how great she is. Now the only thing he tells me strait is that he's hiding from me what is between them. Every day I worry she will come back. He always lets me write on his "writing". It's in Chinese so I don't know what he writes. But yesterday I went to write something and he yelled at me to stop. Then he said in front of everyone that it is a love letter to that "NUN". He said it joking so if I questioned him he would yell at me and make me look paranoid in front of everyone. If he really doesn't care if I leave him then don't hide anything from me so it can be easier to just say "I had enough" and just leave him. He already made it clear I can't stop him from doing what he "NEEDS" to do so why hide it. He will make my life hell for days if I ever bring it up. And the people that know everything about them are too loyal to him to talk to me about it. If only I had some drugs to take away all this pain!!!!

yogamommy yogamommy
31-35, F
Feb 11, 2009