Husband Is A Cheater And Won't Stop

Me and husband got married in Sept. 2011. Thought everything was good until I found out in Feb of 2012 my husband was on 2 different dating websites portraying himself as single with no kids. He signed up for the site just 20 days after we got married! I was devastated but we have moved on until Last week. Thursday December, 6th 2012 I found out he was again on the same 2 websites. I have spoken to some of the woman he was messaging and for the most part they have said nothing sexual was said. My husband is 10 years older than me. And some of the women are older. So i thought maybe he wants an older woman. But he told me that the reason he is looking and trying to find someone to talk to is bc I have gained so much weight. I'm not attractive to him anymore. Also bc I've become lazy. I go to work 40 hours just like he does. And I have gained weight but not a significant amount. I mean we met when I was pregnant! I think these excuses are just simply that. Excuses. I have read messages on these dating sites and there are a few where he asked the woman if she watches ****, and when the last time she had sex. It's disturbing bc these woman are older and uglier than me! I can say that nothing has happened sexually with any of these women. But when i confronted him with it he told me if he wanted to cheat on me he would have without me even knowing it. That some girl at his work kept begging him to have sex back in the summer. He never told me bc he knew I would flip out. But he said he talked to our pastor about it bc it did bother him and that nothing happened between her and him. I asked my pastor and he did verify what he said. But now I'm having a hard time believing he never did anything with her bc of him being on these websites. I want to give him a 2nd chance but this is so hard. Thought I'd join a group of woman that are having similar issues. Thanks for listening.
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Post your own adds on a few sites and when he ask why tell him that he ether he is fatter or his **** shrunk and you need a few guys to show you how to make sex better for him he will stop looking quick and delete his adds