My Boyfriend's Name Is Philippe

It all began when we met at the clinic I worked at two years ago, just after I finished my training as a nurse. Philippe was there for a medical. He is regular in having health check ups. I was sent to him to fill out a form, with asking him several questions about his health and his habits. He was very friendly and we had a nice time filling out the clinic paperwork.

Philippe was very cheeky towards me, complimenting me in my uniform, and asking me what kind of swim wear I like! I asked him if he had a swimwear shop or boutique, which amused him. He told me he didn't work so hard anymore since he'd moved from his apartment to his yacht!

I was intrigued, and when I asked him more about this he offered to show me his yacht, which was just a few hundred metres away in the port. I accepted his invitation, and that was that! We became good friends, and confidantes, and then lovers, and now I work for him on his yacht, as his personal health advisor and his nurse. It might sound seedy, but actually it is wise and good, since I have all I could hope for, and enjoy the good life being his girlfriend brings.

In the summer we live in the Toulon area on the yacht or at his rather spacious apartment. In the winter, we sail across to north Africa, to Morocco and enjoy a warmer winter than we might at Toulon, or Hyeres.

I will be twenty five in a week. Philippe is almost fifty-four (October).
PascaleLeb PascaleLeb
22-25, F
May 22, 2012