I Have My Own Room, At The Apartement And Onboard His Yacht.

Philippe has been extremely kind to me over the last two years, since we met at the clinic. He houses me, and he feeds me, and I have an account for clothes and anything else I wish for. It is a dream, for many.but I am happy. I am at his disposal obviously, when he needs me to perform for him - either as a muse, walking around indoors or on the yacht naked, so he can enjoy the fact of having a girl young enough to be his daughter, or for sex .

Philippe has several businesses which he overviews from his yacht, so sometimes I am sitting on the lounger (in the summer sun)  or in the salon listening to music. I enjoy the freedoms I have from our relationship.

I am not spending his money on my desires, he loves to treat me, and I suppose there are elements of all the cliches that people will speak of. I don't know about feelings.... 
PascaleLeb PascaleLeb
22-25, F
May 22, 2012