It Really Annoys Me!

I can't stand the smell of smoke. He tried to quit, but is at it again. Nastynastynasty.

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1 Response Feb 7, 2010

hey there christiangothkitten<br />
i feel your pain on this. My dad used to smoke, he was the only the only one in our family that did, used to drive all of us mad, we wud never say anything to him incase he got offended, but he could tell that it annoyed us. <br />
there are several ways you can go about this problem in my opinion, either learn to live with the smell of smoke (which i know myself can be pretty damn difficult) or encorage him to quite <br />
You say he tried to quit, and failed... as my dad did many times, but i would question what technique he used? the chance of him quiting smoking cold turkey is quite low. also he believed that the nicorette patches were pretty damn pointless. This probably isn't true for everyone but it was for him.<br />
if he has tried the nicorette patches and feels the same way, then have you thought about a different method of trying to get him to quit. i stumbled across this website one day, and read it and suggested it to my dad. he thought what the heck, there is a 60 day money back garuntee and it only costed £17.95 in the first place<br />
its been 58 days now with out a cigarette, it might not be the right thing for your friend... definatly worth a look tho.... <br />
copy and paste this link into your address bar<br />
<br />