2 Of 'Em.

We shall call them "Him" and "Her" for the example. They're together, I am separate. He does not pick up after himself, and just leaves his refuse wherever. She picks stuff up, even cleans once in awhile, but still leaves her towels on the floor or her coffee growing green fuzz in the pot.

I am always here. I hate the messes, but I love the company. I spend about 2 or 3 hours after they go to bed just cleaning up behind them.
thesideboobhour thesideboobhour
1 Response Feb 12, 2013

Most men are complete slobs I know. Women pick up after them, even now in 2013. Women are generally much better, but some are the pits too. Don't clean up anymore, it just gets worse. Let the lazy live like pigs, they deserve it.