I Didn't Even Know He Had Pain Till After Marriage. I Feel Stuck. Help?

After 5 months we were engaged, and by 9 married. We were so in love and just before our 1 year anniversary he was all of a sudden claiming a chronic pain and depression quit his business and stopped working or getting out of bed. I got pregnant and he got better for a while and held a job again. By the time the baby was 4 months old he quit work and he same story again. We have been on and off for a while. My daughter just turned a year and in the last 2 years I can count on 2 hands how many times we have been intimate, I just want to put out there I am a very attractive woman and the first year we were married we were intimate daily. He claims to be in so much pain and have so much anxiety that he can't do anything but play with the baby. While I work. I really want to him. I barley make enough to cover our minimum bills so I feel stuck. I feel so resentful at him. I look at him and love the man I married but I hate who he is. I feel so tore. I am a very bubbly person and he drags me down, some days I am so drained being around him I just need to get away or go to bed. I hate living like this. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I've been flirting at work and getting an overwellming among of attention that I crave from him. Anyone have the magic answer? Oh and yes we have been to lots of counseling.
GreenMommy2012 GreenMommy2012
26-30, F
Jan 20, 2013