Does My Aspie Spouse Take Me For Granted?

Well I'm going to answer my own question, yes he can and he will. The more I make him comfortable the more nastier he becomes toward me. Lately he has been telling the kids and I that he didn't know if we had enough money saved to make it through the summer. So I have been scrimping and saving anyway I could, I don't buy the kids anything or myself for that matter. Sometimes I would go to the store and feel really bad about buying a dress for myself so I would put it back knowing my husband will lecture me on how we have no money. Last night I found out he has been secretly buying statues. He didn't tell me about this at all and when I confronted him he told me to just shut up. I know he knows what he is doing cause why would he hide it from me? Well guys I will tell you why cause he knows how much he complains about money and to do what he did would make him look totally selfish.I kept asking him how much they cost and we were going round and round, he simply would not answer the question (mind you each statue usually costs about 200 dollars) I feel so used and taken advantage of, all I could do was cry and look at him with a disgust that even he could pick up.
Faith3 Faith3
26-30, F
May 7, 2012