Turning To God

This morning defined me. We had an argument and he told me that he will never give up his bottle, I am crazy and insane. He reminded me of all he's done for me and why don't I just accept it and get off his back. I'm done. I will not marry this man and I will find a way out. I don't have an ounce of love for him anymore. I will now put in for more time at work, and if God gives me the strength, get a second job. After I dropped him off, I desperately needed to find some solace before I would lose my mind for real. I went and found a church that I can go to and they even have a group, "Angry Women". I can relate to that. I'm tired of being miserable while he's having the time of his life with his true love. I'm a good person and I deserve someone better, I choose God. For all you women and men, don't give up, keep looking, and know that you are worth 100 million more than 1 of him/her. Say a prayer for me...
QueenV63 QueenV63
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Wow that took a lot of courage and am happy you have found peace within yourself.

I believe God will surely open another door for you. Bless yu

I love your attitude! I wish I could find a church with an Angry Women group ... I'd fit right in ... lol. One of the slogans I learned at Al-Anon was 'let go & let God'. You're well on your way to a happy life.

Thank you..Never give up on yourself. Maybe you can find or start an "Angry Women" page.

Maybe I will. Thanks.