Been Held Back

I live at home with my dad, brother , sister and alcoholic mother. She started drinking when her mom passed away, my nan, 10 years ago and that's when my mom disappeared. I don't know who she is any more. My parents aren't together and haven't been before my nan passed away and when my mom started drinking the Divorce just never happened. Year after year goes by she just gets worse and worse, she steals from me she lies to me, I don't know who she is. She doesn't work and my dad is the only reason we have a roof over our heads, I'm 24 And my brother is 20 and sister 22 we all pay our own way and help our dad as much as we can. She has done a lot of embarrassing things in a way of to get some money for a bottle of cider, I can't even say what she has done as it is just so wrong. We have done so much to try help her in the past she just through it all back in our face. We have had the police to our house several times because is that violent, especially when she gets hold of brandy. She will stop at nothing to get a drink. She hates my dad, there is something evil inside her that hates my dad so much, she lies there at night shouting swear words loudly ,aimed at my dad , she destroys his things and his stuff disappears. We have to lock our bedrooms and have a safe in our room. Even when she hasn't had a drink in the day and we argue she says " il be dead tomorrow with my mom don't worry about it" after 10 years we now believe she has Alzheimer's which her mother had because of the rapid memory loss, 5 times she will ask me the same thing in the matter of 10 minutes , says she has done something but has done the opposite , she won't even let us take her to the doctors because she doesn't care. I'm nearly 25 and I so desperately want to move out and get on with my life but I can't, I'm held back because I don't want anything to happen, my mom and dad cannot even be left alone together without arguing constantly, between the three of us we have to make sure some one is at home with her all the time so she doesn't drink during the day, but she still manages to get some , and we don't even know where the money comes from for her to get it? Her family do not bother with her and when they do its for five minutes then gone again for months upon end. Myself , my sister and brother deserve to live out life's but there just seems like there Is nothing we can do, we are stuck and held back and I don't think my dad realises that. All I want is to be able to live my life but I can't.
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Jan 11, 2013