My Bf Says My New Profile Pic On Fb Is Self Serving Wtf?????

We had a fight, ended up breaking up, he deleted me from his page, changed his profile pic from one of us to his only, so did I. We ended up going back together, the pic I posted is an older pic of myself, but is very pretty and I have like 17 comments on it, by friends telling me how beatiful I look.  he sent me an email telling me this:

 "I want you to know that I am tired of all of this online stuff, and if we cant get together and hear one another instead of disputing one anothers issues I am not going to keep us connected on here. I don't feel like seeing your page or your self serving pictures or you adding random people from I.T. or just flat out ignoring any and every issue that I bring to you, yet expecting me to react and react first to what it is that you ask from me."

I need someone's opinion on this please, because I swear this man sometimes think he can just tell  just anything to get  his way.

Someone help me give him a good response to show him how manipulative he sounds



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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Thank goodness you are not Married to an you dont be an idiot, dump him. Get on with your life..........luv Lucy

The experience name says it pretty well....'I live with an IDIOT'. He sounds jealous and controlling. What a petty thing to be angry for.... You'd think at your ages a little maturity and trust would've sound proud of a pretty picture of yourself...why NOT for heavens sakes?