My Housemate...

Had to edit my original post because I realised it was pretty specific, and that was not very nice if the person I was ranting about joined this site one day and saw it! (Yes, perhaps I am a little paranoid!) I've sadly lived with quite a few annoying people during the time I was a student, and here a a few things that were really bad:

A couple of people have been totally obsessed with... the rubbish. At one point, there was even a rota so people knew exactly when it was their week to take it out for the bin men to collect it. They checked upon us a couple of days in advance, to make sure we knew it was our turn. Not enough real drama going on in these individual's lives, I think!

In another house, one girl cleaned like crazy ALL the time. Even if we tried to clean, she would go over what we had done... and later complained that we never did enough.

I have had one flat mate who would talk constantly. She did not really talk to you, but rather at you, regardless of what you were doing... going to sleep, watching TV, trying to catch a flight to Hong Kong (yes, this really happened!) However, another house mate of mine, in a different place, did the opposite. She didn't talk to us. But she would text us to communicate, even if we were just in the room next door! 

I suppose it takes all sorts! I will be looking for a new flat when I move in a couple of month. Perhaps I will have more stories to add here. But I sincerely hope not!

Damoiselle Damoiselle
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2 Responses Feb 3, 2007

wow ur roomie sounds really bitchy! & dat is soooo stupid that she thinks her gossip doesn't get around to u! u should just tell her off & hope the kitchen still gets cleaned!! lol

Lol, If she likes to clean and does it, who cares if she ******* that you are no help. You get a clean place. Maybe she texts you because she is afraid of your reaction.