I Am Lesbian, Am Not?

Hello ,
Before telling my story, my English is not good. I will appreciated if readers can comments and corrects my grammar and vocabulary.!!!!
So I can express my feeling and improve my English as well.

I am telling my story which I never admit it. I live in South-East country which lesbian's community is not common.
When I was a kid, I liked to play like a boy. I wish I was born to be a man. However, I never admit that I like girls. Until I went to the university, on my first year, I tried to court a girl in the first time and not succeed.

Two years later, I met another girl and she hit on me. She had girlfriends before. For me, she was my first love and she is the one to teach me about sex with girls.

we became a couple. We had date for almost 3 years. At that time, I felt happy and I tried everything to make my girl happy. Also, I enjoyed having sex with her. During that time, II had a guy to hit on me and he wanted me to be his girlfriend. But I felt NO to him.

I went to study another city. So, we were seperated. During that time, I tried to find both men and women to be my partners. I wanted to find a guy boyfriend. Because I knew that my family and culture can't accept girl couples. I had a sex with guys. But my feeling is the same which is NOT really happy to stay with....

PanKong PanKong
May 10, 2012