Yet Another Story, Another Day Of Nothing But Pain

Story after story I read, looking and finding so many others like me.
So sorry for all the pain, wish it could be made to just go away.
At first you can deal and go on???? But even though it may seem sudden you know its not. You become dependent on assisted walking, then any movement, sometimes having to sit hours because you simply can't move.
You go out in public because you just miss folks so much, your body starts up, drawing and pulling, shoulders and back head south , feet drawing inward, why? answers the doctors all got something different to add, yea got LOTS of medical issues.
But the one I don't understand how to deal mentally and still function with at least part of your brain...  

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2 Responses May 7, 2012

thank you so much for the advice, and it is good advice some of the best I have heard. I have been doing just as you said for years. my dad taught me mind over matter. and it has gotten me through the last 16 years, thats when I was hit by a freight train that was moving 65 mph . Some how i decided when they said i could't do again that i would. i worked another 10 yrs on my landscaping business. in chronic pain every day. i worked until the day i was carried out of the store. now its so bad i can't fight it, maybe that's why, because i said i can not, and before i never uttered those words, i always said i will. Lord help me. thank you for opening my mind up, now if i can wake it back up....

Maybe I can help. I have had a long relationship with chronic pain. I have had my face crushed twice. The first time at age 23 and was on constant pain medication for over four years. The pain didn't stop but the side effects of the meds became unbarable. For over thirty years if I ask the question "Do I hurt?" The answer is always yes. I will make a few suggestions that have helped me.<br />
Have you tried meditation, visualization or self hypnosis? The ob<x>jective is training your mind to be disciplined and your being able to focus to the point of being able to block out everything except what you are focusing on. I could never do away with the pain but I could move it from one part of my body to another. But you can also use the learned ability to focus so when you are engaged in an activity or even just chatting with a friend you focus on the them, on the conversation. You regain control of your thoughts instead of letting the pain control. The pain, for me, is always there but I can choose to take control. Seek out someone who can teach you to relax through some type of relaxation activity as mentioned above.<br />
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Your right in wanting to know how to change how you think so you can function.<br />
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It is possible but it take desire, practice and detication. WORK But that sure beats where you are now. I do wish you the best and good luck. <br />
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Your the first person I have ever explained where my EP name came from.