Life has ups...

and Life has downs....

For the past year my life has spiraled downward, at what seemed lighting speed.
So deep inside my own disability's, was I never to see joy was my life doomed for heartache?
In this hole where i have landed, I have found a sweet peace, I love deeper, my voice a little sweeter, my thoughts always on the one on high.

My worldly possessions have all long since been gone, my home i loved, the house that love made into a home for my kids to grow. all gone.

Now in a shack, where the floors or falling in, boards threw across so you won't fall in, water comes in the form of jugs brought in from a neighbors hose. Baths are with sponges, and meals are planned around the pain and the amount of water you are able to carry that day.

Yes pain has took a lot from me, my life, my job my mobility, strength, etc...

But pain has not broke my spirit, God has put his arms around me, and daily we speak as he is my very best friend. So my down's have been turned around.

God made me sit down to hear his voice, and he took the bad and made it good.

God is my strength....
mommaceitta mommaceitta
51-55, F
Dec 29, 2012