Two Chronic Pains

When I was raped a few months ago, I was dragged over rocks and branches, and my rapist pinned me against uneven ground of big rocks. After my attack, I suffered constant pains in my lower back. Now I only feel the intense pain when I walk or stand up for too long, but it's always a reminder of the source of my pain. I don't take anything for it, but the days that I feel this pain, are the days I wish I would've died back then when I was attacked. I live with two chronic pains. The chronic pain of my back from the attack. And the chronic pain of my heart from the attacker.
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Oh, gods, I'm so very sorry to hear that! I had something of a similar experience, although luckily, I wasn't hurt in the manner that you were. If you want to talk, let me know. I might be able to help.

Im sorry you are having chronic pain. I was raped on two occasions by the same man. The last time was on April 18th of this year. He said this past time he wanted me to make him tea. I did b/c i didn't want to make him upset... Anyway he let the tea pot get boiling hot, and pressed it onto my left forearm. I have full thickness second and some third degree burn. I dont feel all of the burn b/c nerves were damaged but the parts of it i do feel are so painful i can't even bare to move. its a constant reminder of what happened. I may have moments of not thinking about him and i bump my arm and the pain comes back. I can relate to how your feeling. Its like we can get no escape. Im hear if you ever need a extra ear to listen.

You are incredibly strong. You know that, right? I needed to hear what you just wrote right now. Not the story, but the fact that someone understands. Thank you. And just remember that you are stronger than he will ever be. No matter what.

I am very sorry for what happened to you. I hope he was caught and arrested and then going to be tried. I also live with chronic back pain and I have for many years. I take pain pills to make it through the day. I recommend you go to a doctor. There might be some serious issues with your back you do not knwo about. Let the doctor help you. At least you will get some relief and possible of no more pain. The heart pain is going to take longer and I hoep you have a trustworthy person you can talk to. Good luck.

Thank you

U really need to go see a good chiropractor, then maybe that would help u stop reliving that traumatic event. If the back pain does be healed and u still relive the nightmare u may need to talk to a councilor or a therapist. Whatever happens u can always talk to me about ur problems

Thank you. It means a lot to know that I can talk to someone

It is no problem, a problem shared is a problem halved, u can talk to me anytime and about anything with complete confidentiality

Thank you. So much