I am 18 years old with an autoimmune system disease, fibromyalgia, liver infection and a completely damaged back. I'm in severe pain nearly every day and I am so extremely sick all the time. I puke every night, have chronic stomach pain, can't eat much, I'm always exhausted and fall asleep during the day all the time, I am always dizzy with headaches and just overall never feel well. I have over 100 symptoms and I just can't seem to get better. I'm at Stanford Hospital every month for treatments which causes me to miss school and I get constantly harassed because of it. They know I'm ill, yet I get bullied about it. My body attacks itself and makes me so sick. Does any other teenage girl on here relate? I would love to talk...
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Dealing with autoimmune diseases has definitely turned my life into a nightmare. And yours too I see. I fell asleep during my last year in college right in front of my instructor, I was consistently in the hospital, I now get infections like crazy that I never got before and more. It's hard isn't it? Everyday we go through this. In living with an incurable disease you almost feel helpless. It doesn't help that it's attacking us internally (some externally) so people don't get how much were suffering.

The fact that people bully you knowing you have health complications is completely outrageous! I cannot believe that people could be so cruel and inhumane.

At the end of the day focus on yourself and people who are supporting you. Lean on them when you need to lean. Join a support group. It really helps to be around me who understand and live through exactly what your going through. I won't lie it's hard to get back to "Normal" and maybe we never will but we can achieve a new normal. One that is flexible to our fight against an incurable illness. I'm still learning that now. I am having problems with my autoimmune disease and work. I need to figure out if I can continue to physically hurt my body in fashion or start working in offices. Lupus has taken over my life and now I'm finding ways to try and "live" with it. It's hard, it's depressing, and a constant tiring fight. But don't give up. Msg me anytime. XO

I am sorry to hear that you are going through so much pain, i can relate somewhat as i hurt my back 2 years ago when i was 18 and spent a year basically on the ground or taking humiliating baby steps around my college, then a foot problem and now a knee problem . But your diesease and hardships sound... well unfair. thats the word i used a lot. I am not familiar with your diseases but are they going to last forever or is it a period of this? do you have support form friends and family? I found it hard to talk with my friends because they cant reli understand if they have not gone through waking up to feel pain and it is something thtat takes up 80% of your mind!! andthe people who harass you... I just dont understnd how ppl can be so cruel, its beyond my comprehension and it makes me feel helpless the way human beings are so egoitistical. i think the hardest thing is the loneliness that comes with physical problems, . have you looked up any kind of alternative healing mechanism? sometimes medication can be a shock to the system but then i wouolldnt recommend if it is fatal of course. try meditation if you can , even for 5 mins, MINDSCAPE on youtube. listen to good music. wild world by cat stevens :) sorry i kinda just plonked my thoughts on hte page in no particular order:S

I'm sorry to hear about your pain as well :/ to answer your question, my diseases are incurable. They can go through remission but it doesn't last long. It's definitely unfair to us! It breaks my heart how cruel people can be. I can handle it and they don't phase me, but sometimes I'm glad those people are saying the harsh things to me and not someone else because some people would commit suicide over their comments. I've just never been one to let others phase me like that. I'm hoping when college comes around I'll be motivated and strong enough to get through all the tough days. You're absolutely correct about it taking up 80% of your mind. Friends do not understand it. Our life revolves around it and it's hard not to bring it up but my friends just don't have a clue, the worse they've had is the flu. Thank you for the response, I really hope you get to feeling better!