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It's been about 10 years since i broke my first vertebrae my L-5 then i broke it 3 more times and blew up a disc they did a fusion L-4 to L-5 to S-1 but the pain hasn't stopped it's gotten worse no no meds can touch it and i'm not able to eat much what i do get down won't stay there so I'm kinda wasting away so yeah i live with chronic pain not sure how much longer though... ?
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I'm sorry

It's ok thank you though i had a lot of fun doing it :/

I have a chronic condition aswell can , I'm really happy ur loving it. I'm trying to the same too, I hav the same appointment as u and also a shed loads of drugs :)

It drove me to contemplate why I'm even here and to give up. Hurts like nothing else and takes away everything I loved. I've had 4 surgeries and a bunch of stuff done lost tons of weight and I'm more better than not. They did kill my nerves though so there is that.

Oh I know all too well so sorry if you ever need a pain pal I'm here vent to me anything you need I understand pain Chronic and acute

Smoke some herb for the nausea. It helps considerably or use the new vapes or edibles.

I do vap concentrates higher THC and CBD levels like 87% usually or more i've had some 93% shatter that was great waxes and oils and yes edibles i use wally ranchers tastes like a hard candy comes with a nice relaxing body experience ;) i do what i can

All good stuff, helps a lot.

Si senor it's the only way i can have an appetite and live a normal"ish" life in chronic pain

Acupuncture helps a lot too as well heat when my muscles are tight hot tubs used to be great but both knees are failing and the hot watter just makes them swell up like popcorn about to burst I'm just too determined to follow my passions i was before i got hurt I was so serious i only rode where there was serious consequence (i.e. you fall you die or hope you do)

So adrenaline my old best friend has become my new pain suppresant it's just not always easy to go scare yourself to feel better

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Sucks. Same as me. L4 to L5 to S1. Horrible pain and now a horrible addiction to pain killers.

Oh no ouch :( Are you fused at those levels like I am ? Yes i take fentanyl patches and liquid oxy and valium and flexril and tizzanidine to control pain and muslce spasms but in the last 2 years i tapered to 1/3 and trying to go lower so be positive hun :/ sorry you know what it feels like it's awful :(

Hi.. Would you be interested in a chronic pain support friend? I too am dealing with back pain due to severe scoliosis and am having a very hard time.

Ok anything you need just ask or message me :)

That is a bad stuff. You may need physiotherapy. And sorry for the pain.

after ten years they've tried EVERYTHING but more surgery they are worried it will only get worse the original surgery was 50% the next one is only a 15% chance of alleviating pain

I collect physios lol

I've heard similar things before that surgery can make things worse. This is bad.. Well stay strong. I dunno what else to say!

I will Thank You for Your Support It means The World to me that you'd even care when people I've known all my life don't :/

Hmm My mom has problems with her backbone and knee. I kinda know how you feel that's why. And welcome always.

Awe i hope the best for her of course !! My knees going to need to be replaced my right that is the tibia and fibula don't line up with my femur and so i wear a huge knee brace almost all the time now was just during sports but now it's daily all day and night too There are two injuries that combined to cause this one was being hit by a car while training on my bike to get my back fit again I was launched 20 feet through the air landed on my back luckily i had a huge messenger bag on and it was soft mostly layers for cold and helped absorb my impact but my bike stayed attached to my right leg and ripped the knee apart i ride with pedals that don't forgive mistakes The other was on snow i went to do a trick on a whats called a flat down box and i went off the flat part missed the down part completely and landed awkwardly in the icy landing breaking or tearing the front of my pelvis and my snowboard binding strap (that was a double first lol and not good :/ It won't heal with out surgery and the surgery will be a bolt through the front of my pelvis thats supposed to flex i've gotten mixed opinions about how much this will help vs hurt more and the general feeling seems to be if i can get by with adjusting it when it slips out then do that avoid surgery which is fine with me i guess just still tough and another no fun injury that won't go away but i had fun getting hurt so i can't blame anyone but myself

Thank you! And, you have had some horrible stuffs.. Hmm I guess you are dead man walking..You need to be extra careful. I guess your skeleton is weak now. It's bad. :(

No I'm a woman and I'm still walking yes and i just play hard ive been told always have used to love to climb up and just jump off my parents roof onto the grass way before jackass lol

But it was my job to ride at the highest level i was paid to push it or else i wouldn't get recognition and new sponsors it's how the snow business works it eats up athletes and spits them out broken I know a lot of people who didn't even get to ride as long as i have i just broke 20 years 2 years ago now 3 and i won't stop until i'm dead i know that it's a passion it wills me through my recoveries but it also breaks me down but i enjoy it so i guess i have to accept the price :/

I have to be extra careful helemted always now too many head bonks my neurologist thinks my brain will be pudding by the time i'm 50 but i can't stop i've never been addicted to all those strong pain meds they gave me but i can't stay away from my passions and most of them involve some sort of risk i guess it never seems like a risk to me because i'm in control but once you have a child you slow it down a bit i know that for sure :)

2cool,you are awe-inspiring.
I'm at a loss for words,
but I do hope your story can comfort and support others who have been broken.At least you don't regret livin' the dream!

Thank You I hope I can Help others it's the reason I'm here

Ya I need some helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!

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