Five Guys!

Four of them are in the band - LaHuitreTare - and the other is Roberto, Seth's best friend.

Seth is the eldest, at 27, he is an accomplished musician and although he is happy to sit back and accompany us, he is a direction for us. He is about 1 metre 77 tall, and quite stocky in his build, a keen rugby player, he works out regularly at the gym.

Albuquerque (also called Pablo Rodriguez) is the Spaniard in the band, great to play with, and fun to be with. He is 26 years in age and black-haired. He is 1 metre 78 tall, I think, and quite slim and gangly. He is a crazy guy, loves fooling around on stage.

Zeus is from Mauretania, in North Africa, he is really tall, almost 1 metre 95. He is really black, and on stage his skin shines and distracts me. He is very agile too, 25 years old, and he enjoys kicking a ball around anywhere he can find the space to!

Our vocalist, and lead guitarist is Hippolyte-Jean-Marcel, whom we simply call Hippo, who is also 26 years in age. He is tall, at 1 metre 85, and muscular too. He is often shirtless on stage, and has also worn just shorts (like Axl Rose used to) as he crazes the lyrics.
LaHuitreTare LaHuitreTare
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sound like a great bunch of people