My Boyfriend and I Planned ...

My boyfriend and I planned to move in together right after we got engaged.  We were going to pick up my best friend as a roomate.  It kind of all fell apart when we were going over the financial side of it all.  I couldn't pull my weight and he was on federal work study.  She had a job but it was based in her area.  Also there were some concerns about his mother's health.

After I started recieving veteran's educational benefits in December of 2004, he offered to let me move in with him and his mother.  This was shortly after his sister had finally vacated the house.  So I partially moved in for a few months until I was given an ultimatum.  I was either living with him full time or just visiting on the weekends.  I chose to live with him.

For awhile it was really great to live with him.  He was always so active and interested in me.  He was extremely excited that I was there with him.  But eventually the issues with his mother arose.  He didn't want to make love unless she was out of the house or it was after he bedtime.  She would always interrupt something we were doing because she required his presence.  When we had disagreements, she would always butt in with her opinion.  It was a disaster.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when we didn't buy her a new monitor.  Him and I had come into a considerable amount of money.  I was putting it away for a rainy day and he wanted to pick up some things that he felt we needed.  We went shopping with her and when we left the store without getting her that monitor, a big fight ensued.  Finally he locked us in his room and said, "So how about getting that apartment?"

We moved 30 miles away to my hometown.  Honestly, I didn't want to live anywhere else.  I had friends and family there that were always willing to help and be around.  The apartment, although small, was pretty.  It was located on about 6 bus lines within walking distance and was only 20 minutes from the city.  It was perfect.

Except him and I had extreme difficulty living with each other.  Him and I had never really shared space with anyone else so it was different.  Now we have the house and it's a little different.  Yeah we yell about who is taking out the garbage and the fact that things end up where they don't belong but we've had two years of practice now!

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You all need to learn to communicate without shouting. Eventually that will lead to discord.