Shacked Up

Mr CM and I have been shacked up for two years. Its taken a long time to exert my influence on him and his space as He's pretty stuck in his ways.

I'm a big believer in trying the milk before buying the cow. I don't know how ANYONE thinks getting married before living with someone is a good idea. You need to know just how many pubic hairs are going to be on your soap before you can make that kind of commitment (3).

Still, that said, we have a pretty large space for two people. You need your own space to live together. Otherwise you'd kill each other... cabin fever...


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3 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Firstly, let me clarify by letting you all know, in this case, Mr Cm is the cow. I'm trying him before I buy. I don't think anyone should call women cows. Not in a derogatory way. Its a turn of phrase, and I like to think that women can use it about their partners, take control of the phrase itself and make it their own.<br />
<br />
Secondly, I LOVE 'even the pope may not use my soap'. I'm not catholic, or even religious at all, but that's tops.<br />
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And lastly, Poodledoodle, if you don't want to spend the rest of your life with this person then I'd say one of either two things is happening: You're content to move around, finding people that suit you as you change and grow, and don't intend to make any commitment, <br />
OR <br />
You're with someone who doesn't make you happy. If you're unhappy, then you should stop wasting time with this person and go and find the person who makes you smile.<br />
Either way, good luck, and thank you for the comment.<br />

actually, despite our differences, Mr Cm and I both talk out our problems. We acknowledge that we have busy lives, and need space. We also see a need for real quality time. We make time for dates, and dinners.<br />
Sometimes its as simple as me falling asleep on the couch in his lap, rather than going straight to bed.<br />
We actually like to shop together, except that we're both a bit anal about it.<br />
You need to be self aware to make this kind of relationship work. <br />
Remember, we've been living together for two years (you did read the story before commenting right?).<br />
So far not much in the way of crazy.<br />

This is were you meet all the crazy **** he's been holding out on you it will crrep in on you one thing then another. It adds up don't think how cute he is doing gross **** in front of you in our home. I t only gets worse. He will decide that anytime with you is qualities time. Laundry, shopping ect. in his mind he has paid you your time owed. So he is free to spend with his boys <br />
To pull this off you will need an agreement set up for all possible bad situation. This is NEVER EVER AS FUN AS YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD!<br />
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