So Very Confused

I met my ex girlfrnd 10 yrs ago it was october of 1999. At tht time i was doing the good daughter thing and was engaged to be married. Oh and at tht time my children were 3yrs and the other one was 15mos. Anyway we got together in March of 2000. I was 25 then and she was 23. In July of 2003 we moved our family to Phoenix AZ. Her dad lived there. By October she wantd to come back to Arkansas and we had split up but still lived together. In June of 2004 she moved back to AR with my son in August he moved back to Az with me. I was going to college so thts why i stayed there. I got involved with someone else while i was there even though i was still in love with her. But i was a single mom and no family around and well lets just face it i was very codependent at tht time. As u can imagine tht did not go over so well with my ex or my new partner. She was something else im tellin ya. VERY controlling which caused so many problems with my ex wich normally wouldnt hav been a problem but she loved my children as her own and still does. So Jan. of 2007 comes arnd and i have finished college and i move back here. We started dating again me and my ex that is. and here we are today she has left me once again. heres the kicker we are still living together again. This time we have split up for a different reason. and before i tell u why i will say im not mocking it or anythng like tht. She says she now believes she has been leading a life of sin by being with me (note we dont have sex) and tht god is taking her on a journey to find her true self. Understandably i am crushed the children who are now almost 14 and the other one is 11 dont even know yet. They adore her and our family and im confused and afraid and have so many emotions about this i cant even begin to think of how to deal with this. Someone please have a logical rational insight about this.

drmrgrrl drmrgrrl
Mar 10, 2010