When i was younger i got handed over to my grandmother the day in was born.i always call my grandmother mom and whenever we go to my stupid mothers house my grandmother made me call my real mother mom and it really hurt because last weekend she told me to go hug my mom and tell her shes my real mother.and i got hurt and cried and last month. I wrote a poem about how much i love my mom(grandma)and my grandma cried and said i will always be her little baby and her daughter but then in the car my grandma told me.that it would be better if i called her grandma and that crushed me and i am crying just writing this.and i tried talking to her over and over but she never listens she just walks away and i tried telling my grandma that she was my real mom but she doesnt listen.what should i do i tried everything i could.im only thirteen.does anyone have advice?
deshaneejardine deshaneejardine
16-17, F
Aug 16, 2014