Ashamed and Afraid

I'm 22 and still live with my parents. I go awkward when my university friends start talking about their apartments. I fear the question "where do you live?" I haven't lied to anyone about it, but I don't want to advertise it either. I'm hoping to get a job out of town to take the plunge. The problem is I have trouble talking to my parents about anything that has to do with growing up and making decisions. But that's another story.

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7 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Well done you. I'm in the same boat you were, and am slowly dying inside, yay!

sweet :)

@satansarrow, as I commented above, I got the summer job out of town.<br />
<br />
I'll also take this opportunity to update that I managed to get my summer job extended as a master's thesis job, so I live on my own now. Problem resolved! :)

dude get the hell outta there if you can, if not, then......IDK...sorry

Thanks for your comments. Im glad to let you know I got that job for summer and I'm out of the nest :)

You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of unless you are still clinging to them using school as an excuse. Set yourself a 3-5 year plan and go to it. Right now you are in school and are a student. You don't need an apartment.

People staying with their parents well into their 20's is more common than you think; especially when you're going to college and don't want to rack up tens-of-thousands of dollars in debt just from paying living expenses over the years. It's becoming a more common thing these days.