My Life With Social Anxiety

Hi every one. i have major social anxiety going on. I cant even step out my door without freaking out. I hate going to stores. Even the rides going anywhere really freaks me out. i have to seriously mentally prepare myself just to step out side. I have a two year old that like other kids likes to go outside and play. If it wasn't for him I would seriously be isolated. I am a full time college student and just walking in or thinking about going to my classes seriously freaks me out. I have been through abuse throughout my life. Now I am really delicate about any minor comments about me. Ive always had anxiety since i was a kid. I was outgoing but the feeling was still there.I lost my confidence somewhere around my sophomore year in highschool. Presently my anxiety is off the roof.
Thanx for listening, and i would appreciate any comments
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4 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Yeah, this is just like me! It used to bother me like crazy, where I couldn't even go throw out the trash. At school, I actually know people think I'm weird and smart, which keeps me antisocial, but I don't let that bother me.

you remind my of myself!!! maybbe we can help eachother... read my story!! im new to thiss, but i think we are going through the same thing!! :( i hate it, and im going to see a councilar tooo.. let me know how your session goes..

Good Luck You Two :)<br />
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I was looking into anti-depressants to help with anxiety but I have had no luck :(

yeah i am very interested in seeing a counselor for this. i hate feeling this way.