Living With Someone Bipolar

Bipolar mood disorder is very real and it affects not only the person that suffers from it, but also everybody around them. Whether a mild case or stronger one, those that are around feel like they are walking on egg shells. Every morning you wake up and you don't know what to expect.  The good days seem to be so scarce in comparison to the bad ones, and sometimes you even fund out the the good days were all a facade.    Things seem to be blown out of proportion so easily, things that shouldn't matter suddenly become such major issues and those that should be important are often ignored. The person that suffers from bi-polar mood disorder feels most of the time hopeless, as so do those who are around him/her. When you love someone with this psychiatric illness you often don't know what to do, and you are constantly faced with the question "do I stay or not?". I opened this experience group to vent and to provide a forum for those who live with someone with this destructive disorder or who suffer from it to vent, share, find support, find answers.   I do hope that others will come forward and share their experiences. 
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I often wonder why my husband stays it feels so out of control the whole time

Is he bipolar or you?

Me :(

Well that's easy!! He doesn't leave because he loves you...and although sometimes it may be hard for him he apparently can't bear the thought of letting you go through this alone...I know that is the case for me.
Are you being treated?

Yes I am, but have problems with the medication which they still trying to 'get right'.

It takes time. I know how frustrating it is! My wife has been on medication for a year and though it seem that she was ok, she just had a major crisis and ended up in a psychiatric hospital for 3 days. She is still very shaky. Still not put of the woods. Today was not a good day and it is affecting me. I am a person too. I sometimes need to separate a little bit to breath. It is a struggle. But we'll get there. Above all she is my friend and I will always do whatever is in my power to help her

I like how you say you need to separate. I often have to do that with my husband because I feel awful him having to see me like that. Find a long drive often does wonders to calm me and get my head straight.

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