The Creature

Its smiles in their faces and screams in mine
It compliments their features and insults mine.
But it uses to be worse, a much darker time.
When i was young, it taught me i was filth.
When i was young, it taught me this was love.
Then a switch would flip and all was right again.
She would hold me and love me and told me sorry ,over and over again.
She told me she loved me and that i shouldn't grief her so.
Then the child i was would slip up again.
Maybe i didn't listen well enough or
Maybe i listened too well
For she would snap and all went to hell.
How pathetic an existence for such a child,
Making it hate itself and wish to commit suicide.
Just so that maybe one day momie would be fine again
Mofassa Mofassa
Jan 12, 2013