Best of Both Worlds

I have been in a triangle with two other women, for three years. I live with C, my girlfriend of 12 years. We have an eleven year old son, DW. Three years ago, C took a new job. At that Job, we met another lesbian couple. J and B had been together 20 years. Their relationship was already long over. C and I will be together forever, though we've had a rather sexless relationship for several years.

J became my dealer, and we became friends. We all started spending time together.  C and J became friends. I was attracted to J the first time I saw her. (Which was a year before our first kiss.) I saw her every day of the year. I coveted her. I longed to be, so much as, noticed by her. Yeah, we were friends, but I WANTED HER.

After a year, (and a whole other story) J and I had sex. We "cheated" several times, before my conscience (or reasoning) overpowered me, and I confessed to C.

Immediately, C gave me an ultimatum "choose one or the other."
I am insanely in love with J. If you're not familliar with the term "Eros" (greek God of love) look it up. That is J and me. We have DESIRE for eachother, so strong, strangers have commented on the electricity we exude, when we're actually behaving. Because C and I have a son together, it makes it extraordinarily difficult to seperate. C still loves and desires me. I love and need her, but I'm not sure I desire her. 

I couldn't choose. My lover and soul mate OR the co-mother of my child and partner of 12 years.

We have fought and argued and cried and laughed and loved for three years. I still live with C and DW. J owns her own house, but, she spends EVERY night with me. C and J co-exist in a family setting. Thought, they have no relationship with eachother, aside from friends.

A triangle relationship CAN work, and you can maintain a very natural lifestyle, but it takes hella commitment from all three parts. And the work NEVER goes away. A threeway realationship is constant maintanance. I wouldn't trade it for the world.




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1 Response Mar 24, 2009

not a true triangle, and what a lucky person you are for it! you must be special indeed that all will cluster around you to be with you. may your electrical charges last, and may your family situation be stable for all involved.