I am the wife of an unmedicated Bipolar husband whom at this moment is going through a serious depression. We have been together 8 years and he is finally getting to start the business of his dreams! I am so so proud of him! :)
He had a pro bono job to do today (in order to build his portfolio) and when things went wrong, he just threw away his work and went to bed.

He stopped his meds last year and you can't tell he ever took any. The meds just didn't work! About 15 doctors from various places from all over the Eastern USA (we've lived all over the eastern seaboard) and too many meds and alterations to those meds to even list. Last summer, he was going to go to a hospital in Houston that specializes in Biploar patients, they were trying to get him what they call a "charity bed" since our insurance is good for a lot of things except mental health! The bed never came available!

The mental health places here are, I'm sorry to say, a joke! I am trying to save some of my hard earned money to pay for a good Bipolar doctor. We have no vehicle right now and probably won't before May. We do have family here in the same city and buss passes but it looks as if my research has lead me to seek help for us outside of our town, perhaps even our state.

There is a local group for Bipolar support but being he is now a public person, he fears (as do I) ridicule could follow. He's worked too hard and long for this illness to steal anything else from him. His mother was diagnosed Bipolar later in life and then with Schizophrenia before her death.

My parents are so understanding and supportive, often reminding me that he can't help it and I know this, I truly do. I am so tired and so sad. He gets mad so easlily and yells at our dog who is showing signs of stress-related illnesses (bad digestive problems) and I am at my witt's end! I want this, us, to work. He is such a wonderful and loving man...but where is he??????


Your new friend,
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I am sorry for what you're going through. My sister is an unmedicated (or rather self-medicated) bi-polar. In the last year and a half, she has slit her wrists 3x and has been in and out of psychiatric hospital many times. The mental health facilities here also seem to be a joke. I will keep your hubby in my prayers.

I will keep you in my thoughts, as I know of a few who refuse to take what is best for them and have stopped seeking help. You in a Hard Place, and your not giving up, so why should your other.<br />
I will pray for you for endurance and wisdom,<br />
Sincerely,<br />

For now in the mean time can u not get him a mood stabilizer. My husband is on one and he gets it from our local Dr. Doesn't zone him out or make him sleepy in fact no side effects. I would leave him if he stopped haveing it as its like day and night the difference.