Living With Unmedicated Bipolar Sister


I moved in with my sister a year and a half ago after losing everything, properties etc. I am 56 which made it all harder.. It was horrific for me. My sister 64 is BiPolar unmedicated. She smokes pot daily as she says it makes her feel normal. I was able to put up with that. She also goes on drinking binges. When I was losing my properties and everything was going under, I suffered severe depression and anxiety. I imagine the mood disorders run in the family. My sister and I had a terrible fight a couple of days ago and I moved out. I felt I had to walk on eggshells while with her. I never knew what I was going to get when she woke up in the morning. I was a gracious guest, very generous monetarily, painted the entire interior of the house, consantly kept up the yard, picked her up cigarettes when I was out etc. She would emotionally attack me unprovoked. I would endlessly have to sit and listen to her twisted concepts about how messed up all people are and reality and life is underrated, how whe can't wait for the end. . She is an artist and would drink and be up late, have every light on in the house and I would just cringe in my room hoping she wouldn't knock on the door and try to engage me. No matter what I did according to her I would screw her in some way like the rest of the world in the end.
She was on meds for many years but now calls them poison. She is convinced that doctors only prescribe them to get kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies.
What was the final straw was we went to a Goodwill and she saw this old painting and was convinced it was worth something. Asked me to Google it and I found nothing. I was doing the best I could trying to help. She explodes, you don'treally want to help me, you don't care. I finally reached my limit after a year and a half of this and exploded myself and within 24 hours was out. I am staying in a motel tonight. I moved my things out into storage today and during the bringing out of stuff I had to listen to your a piece used me, you've been schemeing all the time. It was like living in a nightmare. Here I was a shattered person struggling to recover and was subjected to the worst kind of emotional abuse. I am angry but I will pray for her.

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May 7, 2012