We Control His Bipolar Tendencies With Diet.

My husband married a health nut.  Lucky for him!  We're able to control his mood swings and attitudes with diet.  Basically we stay away from highly refined foods (especially sugar) and we use nutritional supplements.  He's like a different man.

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That is totally wonderful. Good for both of you. My mom was bipolar and it can get very bad at times. That is excellent information to share.

hey i tried looking up your websit but couldn't find it. did you give the right address

My boyfriend has not been diagnosed, but has alot of symtoms and wanting to know more about this food and sugar stuff?

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VERY sorry to hear of your troubles. After much experimentation, Dave and I have settled on the fact that he is stable when he concentrates on alkalizing his body and brain. We write all about it at our website blog. EnjoyingYourHealthDotCom. Can you go there?<br />
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Use our search tab on the right side bar and key in these search terms: kangen water, alkaline, diet. The more time you can spend there, reading about our experiences -- the better! Also, you're very very welcome to call Dave and speak to him about bipolar. He loves to share. Our phone number is listed here: EnjoyingKangenWaterDotCom.<br />
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Hope to hear from you!

Dear DianeW<br />
Please provide me with some details of how I can change my wife's moods through diet and food?

i'll 100% agree!!! we have tried so many meds until we gave up and went into meditation and herbs and teas. It's so amazing of how different he is now. We still get episodes but nothing like the past. Maybe we will try non ferried foods and see if there is anymore improvement!

Indeed! What kind of nutritional suppliments?? I found this is true with my son's mood on sugar, but I suspect he has mood swings based on his diet, as well! :O

Thats amazing! I have started looking into what goes into some of the food we eat, and the amount of processed foods that have almost no ingredients I recognize as food is astounding. I am glad that you have found a diet that helps; maybe more people would benefit from eating real food :-)